LA-HEAT Systems – Electric Floor Heating


LA-HEAT Systems Ltd.

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The electric underfloor heating system is the most effective, convenient and pleasant form of heating in the world today.

It is a modular system that can be independently installed in any area of the house (bedrooms, bathroom, living room, etc.) and it is thermostatically controlled in each of these areas separately.

LA-HEAT Ltd. markets and installs electric underfloor heating systems boasting the finest materials in the world.

The Company has many years of experience in the field as well as extensive professional knowledge. The Company has private, institutional and contractual clients throughout Israel.

The heating cables we use conform to the Standards Institution of Israel's IEC 60800 and have undergone SII-approved electromagnetic field testing. The heating elements, which are manufactured by Swedish Company Kanthal, have been serving tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Israel and worldwide for over 50 years. These elements are pretested in the factory and undergo real-time quality control before they are installed – a procedure practiced by just a handful of factories worldwide.

LA-HEAT Ltd also distributes:

  • Exclusive bathroom heating systems
  • Mirror defoggers
  • 24V hidden towel warmers (beneath the ceramic/marble surface)

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